Friends play many kinds of games with each other: cops and robbers, checkers, tag. The best of friends will make up their own games.

Todd and Kevin's friendship is built on such a game. However, the rules and premise are far from the typical childhood games. A dispute amongst the two splits them into very different directions: one sees the game for the cruel act that it is, while the other decides it must move to the next level.

Blog of story progression and updates during book creation


José Pimienta

José Pimienta

concept / layouts / pencils

Joe P. is a visual storyteller and has been one for his entire conscious existence. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with an M.F.A in Sequential Art and is currently working as a storyboard artist. At the same time he is working with funny books maker Lindsay Durbin on a collaborative story called "A Friendly Game". Joe was born in southern California and raised in the northwest of Mexico in a town called Mexicali, BC. He currently lives mostly in Cali and likes having good days..

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Lindsay Hornsby

Lindsay Hornsby

script / inks / lettering

Lindsay Hornsby had a burning desire to be a veterinarian up until the fourth grade, when she realized that drawing animals was more fun and generally less bloody. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with an M.F.A in Sequential Art with the intention of earning a living making funny books. Meanwhile, she puts food in her stomach by making websites work for people. Lindsay was born in the reasonably-sized town of Paducah, Kentucky where she currently hangs out. When not drawing, Lindsay can be found hiding behind a book of some sort or playing mind-rotting video games.

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Lauren Affe

Lauren Affe


Lauren Affe has the coolest last name ever. She tries to hide from the internet, but we found her!

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